BeWell Wellness

BeWell, Bringing Everyone Wellness Enrichment for Lasting Life, is Lutheran Homes of South Carolina’s innovative standard for wellness and life enrichment. The BeWell philosophy is to enhance the successful aging of older adults by offering programs designed to prevent illness and conditions associated with the loss of independence; maintain optimal physical and mental functioning; and remain engaged in life through opportunities for meaningful contributions.

Six-Dimensional Model for Personal Wellness

The BeWell program incorporates critical components defined by the National Wellness Institute’s Six-Dimensional Model for Personal Wellness:

  1. Emotional – emphasizes awareness and acceptance of one’s feelings to the degree that they feel positive and enthusiastic about life.
  2. Intellectual – promotes expansion of knowledge through education and cultural activities.
  3. Physical – promotes activities to increase strengthening, endurance, and flexibility and encourages healthy lifestyle habits.
  4. Social – fosters the creation and maintenance of healthy relationships.
  5. Spiritual – Involves self-determined values and ethics to seek meaning and purpose in personal experience.
  6. Vocational – encourages the development of new skills through meaningful activities.