All hospice providers are not the same – The difference is Lutheran Hospice

Choosing hospice does not mean giving up – in fact, many hospice patients live longer than expected with comprehensive hospice support. At Lutheran Hospice, we focus on the quality of one’s living so every moment can be enriched to the fullest.

At any time when a person faces a life-threatening condition, it is appropriate to discuss all options, including hospice. Although end-of-life care may be difficult to talk about, having discussions up front can help everyone make educated decisions and honor individual life choices.

Anyone can request or refer to Lutheran Hospice. Patients can request that their physicians and hospital workers refer to Lutheran Hospice.

As part of Lutheran Homes of South Carolina’s continuum of care, Lutheran Hospice is a non-profit, ministry-based program serving people of all faiths and beliefs since 1995. Serving eleven counties, our tenured staff has more than 300 years of combined service. Local ownership and management also make a difference. Our staff lives and works in their community offering support to patients and their caregivers. Most of all, for those we touch, our work is not simply a job, it is a calling.

Visit Lutheran Hospice for more information. It’s about how you live.

At Lutheran Hospice we help people with life-limiting illnesses or injuries and their families focus on quality of life and comfort when they no longer choose or can benefit from curative treatment.