Accelerated Rehabilitation

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For those who may not qualify for inpatient rehabilitation in our skilled nursing unit according to Medicare can still receive the compassionate care and assurance of a short-term stay. 

Using an interdisciplinary approach, our highly-knowledgeable staff works alongside private doctors, clients, and their families to determine the most appropriate method and therapy customized to your needs and goals. By offering care within our Sycamore Independent Living Suites, clients can enjoy their own furnished, one-bedroom apartment and a kitchenette with a family member or a post-operation coach.

Whether you or your family member is about to undergo orthopedic surgery or treatment and wish to be closer to subsequent follow-up appointments, choose to get back to the most active, independent lifestyle for you with Rice Estate.

Pricing & Payment Types

  • Pricing is $135/day plus routine therapy costs.
  • Therapy will be provided and billed through Medicare Part B, private insurance (not included in the daily rate listed above).
  • We ask for a minimum of a 3-day stay ($270.00).

Outpatient Rehabilitation

Find your most comfortable rehabilitation when you choose to recover from surgery or illness at home. With Rice Estate's Outpatient Rehabilitation Program, you can receive superior care while focusing on your journey to recovery right at home.

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