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Rehabilitation & Nursing

With customized plans for every person who chooses Rice Estate’s Arbor Center, our caring team is proud to offer comprehensive therapies and treatments for those going through short-term rehabilitation care up through long-term nursing needs. Incorporating our six dimensions of wellness—physical, spiritual, social, intellectual, vocational, and emotional—Rice Estate provides a unique program designed to keep all clients and residents stimulated in mind, body, and spirit.

Using an inter-disciplinary approach, our highly-knowledgeable staff work alongside private doctors, clients, and their families to determine the best method of rehabilitation, whether a traditional approach or our Accelerated Rehabilitation program, to work towards goals of optimal independence treating a variety of conditions.

When the goal is to return home after a hospital stay or rehabilitation, our Homeward Bound program allows clients time to regain their strength and confidence within a safe and secure environment, lowering their risk of re-hospitalization or re-injury. Some of our rehabilitation and Homeward Bound clients use our state-of-the-art ADL (Activities of Daily Living) Cottage to re-familiarize themselves within a home setting, practicing therapies and identifying ways to overcome potential obstacles.

Catering to both inpatient and outpatient needs, we welcome you to find the best road to recovery in a warm, inviting environment at Rice Estate’s Arbor Center.

Admission Process

Step 1

Admissions Representative receives a referral from a hospital or other healthcare representative.

Step 2

The referral is reviewed by Admissions Representative and a bed offer is made.

Step 3

The hospital or other healthcare representative will then alert the patient and/or family that Rice Estate Arbor Center has offered a bed. If a patient has self-referred, they will be notified directly of acceptance decision.  Some families choose to tour the facility before accepting the bed offer. Arbor Center is available for tours round-the-clock. A tour appointment is appreciated s that we may dedicate time for you, but not required.

Step 4

Once the patient and/or family accept the bed offer the transfer date is established, necessary physician paperwork is coordinated and transportation to Arbor Center is set up by the referring hospital or healthcare facility.

Step 5

After the patient arrives to the facility, a Rice Estate Admissions Representative will meet with the patient or the patient’s representative to complete the required admission paperwork.

Step 6

Members of the interdisciplinary healthcare team will also meet with the patient or responsible party within 24 hours of arrival to introduce themselves and explain their role in the facility.

Step 7

Discharge planning begins on the day of admission. This helps the interdisciplinary healthcare team to manage the patients care while in our facility and then upon discharge. It is our mission to assist our patients in reaching their goals and having the proper transitions to the next care level.